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Marketing is the area that connects products or services with specific audience, with aim to increase buying. Further, that leads to satisfying buyer’s needs and increasing profit for manufacturer. This area is complex, with many different approaches and factors.
Today’s society is closely connected with consumerism and capitalism, so there is a lot of space for marketing to show its effects. Marketing jobs in canada are good career path for everyone who knows about advertising and psychology of mass media and also loves public relations. Digital technologies are also closely linked to marketing, so the person who wants position in this area must have solid IT knowledge as well.

Marketing manager job description

The marketing manager job is very similar to the sales manager’s. This person has to create marketing activities and long-term marketing strategy, be in charge of marketing budget, produce valuable and engaging content for website of the company and build strategic relationships with vendors, key industry players and agencies. He or she has to coordinate marketing campaigns with sales activities, prepare online and print marketing campaigns, maintain effective internal communication so everyone in the company is informed of marketing objectives, measure results of lead generation campaigns and create a wide range of different marketing materials. This position also includes overseeing the company’s marketing budget, working close with design agencies as well as planning and implementing promotional campaigns.

If you want to become marketing manager, those are characteristics you would need – dynamic and confident personality, creative outlook, analytical and project management skills and, in most cases, Bachelor’s degree in marketing. Of course, you have to know a lot about organic and paid acquisition channels – pay per click campaigns, social media, content creation, performance analysis, lead generation campaigns, copywriting, publicity, event management and so on. Knowledge about website analytics tools would be a plus. Good marketing manager should be up-to-date with latest trends in online marketing and have experience in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns.

Marketing coordinator

Marketing coordonator may sound similar to marketing manager, but coordinator usually has less authority than manager. Actually, marketing coordinator often reports to marketing manager. However, marketing coordinator has to coordinate marketing projects, plan and organize promotional presentations, support sales staff, track product line sales, research competitive products and maintain research databases, prepare marketing reports, plan meetings and trade shows and implement marketing and advertising campaigns. Role of marketing coordinator includes setting up tracking systems for marketing campaigns and online activities, monitoring marketing industry news and assisting with the production of artwork and assisting team members with day to day marketing tasks.

This person has to have knowledge about coordination, marketing research, market segmentation and project management. Also, he or she must be initiative, well organized and self -motivated, have financial skills, confident and outgoing personality and ability to understand customer and work under pressure. Marketing coordinator absolutely needs to have strong attention to detail, exceptional written and verbal communication skills and ability to work with minimal supervision.

Marketing assistant

Marketing assistant jobs help marketing manager in creating powerful strategies for increasing sales. He or she analyses questionnaires, helps to organize market research, visits external agencies or customers, writes reports, publishes pricing schedules, maintains marketing library, compiles and distributes financial and statistical information, etc. Role of marketing assistant also includes supporting sales presentations, communicating directly with clients, providing marketing tracking and research information, etc. This kind of people often work in legal firms, manufacturers, local authorities, charities, public and private sector organizations, consultancies and retailers.

Marketing assistant should have commercial awareness, numerical, organizational, data entry and Microsoft Word skills, as well as confidence, adaptability and creativity. This position requires high school diploma, but Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or related field would be a plus.

Marketing director

Marketing director holds ultimate responsibility for all marketing activities within the company. This person should develop marketing strategy, identify customer’s current and future needs, develop new uses for existing products, provides short and long-term market forecasts and monitor the competition. He or she must work closely with sales team, produce ideas for promotional events, supervise the department, control budgets and allocate funds, plan and execute campaigns for corporate promotion and become organization’s agent towards external parties. This role also includes managing social media presence and directing programs to improve social media reputation and recognition.

Marketing director should have analytical and creative thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, leadership and organizing skills and customer oriented approach. He or she must be up to speed with current online marketing techniques and best practices and be able to spot original branding opportunities.
Typical marketing objectives are: improving stakeholder relations, increase sales, grow market shares, build brand awareness, increase profit, target new customers, enter new markets locally or internationally, enhance customer relationships, launch new products or services, etc.

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Sometimes, whole marketing firm is working on creating and implementing company’s marketing strategy. If the company is for some reason unable to manage own marketing area, it becomes the job for marketing firm. Clients should be careful when hiring a marketing firm because there are several types of them.
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